Puma Pace 2.0 (643807)


The NEW Pace 2.0 (643807) safety runner is the improved version of the Pace.
Now featuring IMPULSE.FOAM anti-fatigue technology, this style has increased cushioning, stability and comfort.

SKU: 643807 / Category: Safety

  • Fibreglass toe cap with 200j impact protection providing greater toe space.
  • Non-metallic and airport friendly.
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) footwear is used in manufacturing processes or work environments to prevent the build up of electrostatic charge. ESD shoes have much greater static discharge properties than anti-static rated shoes.
  • IMPULSE.FOAM Anti-Fatigue cushioning technology providing up to 55% energy return and offering optimal cushioning, stability and comfort.
  • Microfibre upper with highly breathable sandwich mesh.
  • FAP - Anti-penetration midsole. Anti-magnetic, does not conduct heat or cold.
  • BreathActive functional lining for maximum moisture control and comfort.
  • PUMA Evercushion BA insole
  • 300°c heat resistant, slip resistant rubber according to SRC, oil resistant and non-marking sole.

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